The Kids Join Us!

Morgan and Grayson flew from Boston to Dubai to join us for 10 days. They traveled with us through Thailand. It was so great to have them with us for at least a part of the trip!

Skiing in the Desert

Ski Dubai is the most amazing place. It's an indoor ski area with 400' of vertical. Outside, it was 50℃ and it was -4℃ inside. They have 4 runs, 3 groomers, and they make snow every night. It was just crazy!

Dune Bashing

This was more fun than we expected. The group of us went out in Toyota Highlanders driven by professionals. They took us for a ride through the sand dunes of the seemingly endless desert. Only one crash!

The Fiber Story ...

The Fiber Story continues. Turns out it is really hard to find yarn in Dubai. Seems all they actually make here is money. Never one to give up, Anais convinced the camel handler to get Deb fiber. He showed up the night before we left with chest and tail hair we swear he just shaved off his own camel! Smelled so bad we hid it in the nose of the plane!

What Money can Build

Dubai is filled with grotesque displays of wealth. From the world's tallest building, to man made islands in fanciful shapes, to our hotel, the Burj al Arab (the world's only 7 star hotel), it seems all that matters here is money. Ironically, we dined around a display of dancing water fountains in the middle of a desert.

Lots of Fun

Between the skiing, wave runners, camel riding, bumper cars, luge run, zorb balls, fly boards, penguins, and dune bashing, we found lots of recreational activities in Dubai. There's lots to do here but we're not going back.