Four Seasons Chiang Mai

This was one of the top three hotels of our entire trip. Quiet, jungle setting, with fabulous rooms and spa made this someplace really special. They provide fun daily activities such as washing a water buffalo and serving the local monks. The picture shows the nightly sunset ceremony, complete with music and the lighting of the floating cauldron.

Thai Cooking

We enjoyed a half day cooking class as a family. After shopping for the ingredients in the local market, we prepared a feast of pad thai, spicy chicken salad, lemongrass seafood soup, and duck breast curry. There was no way we could eat all of it but it was sure tasty (and spicy)!


Air Journey's carefully selected an elephant encounter with a company that does not abuse the animals. We have a great time with these guys riding through the river, washing them, having them paint for us, and generally enjoying their fascinating personalities.

Poo Paper

Who knew that they made paper from elephant dung? Well, actually Deb did. Turns out she has purchased this product in the US on many occasions.  We accidentally came upon the paper making demonstration center and had a chance to participate in the making of usable paper from elephant poo...

Said Goodbye

Chaing Mai is where we left our kids. It was just so great to have them with us. They stayed in Thailand for another few days after we departed for Laos. We did happen to leave at the same time that the kids from Chiang Rai were trapped in the cave. We called right after we heard that news to make sure they hadn't done any spelunking...