This was our first experience with Aman hotels. We were told just how wonderful these places are but we really didn't "get it" until we got to Amanzoe. Simply put, they totally "wowed" us. Every detail was perfect. Every service person knew us by name immediately upon arrival. There were only 36 pavilions so the ratio of staff to guests was incredible. Stunning views and food made this place really special.

Long Drive to Porto Heli

After arrival at the Athens airport, we were taken by van for a 3.5 hour ride to Porto Heli, the home of Amanzoe. It was a pretty ride through the Greek countryside. We thoroughly enjoyed our lunch stop and the scenery. Somehow, I don't think our driver enjoyed it as much. He got pulled over and issued a speeding ticket. Oops.

The Group Expands

This is where Dirk as well as Paolo and Anna joined the group. Dirk came from Ireland and the Paolo/Anna came from Switzerland. We all had a lot of fun together. One never knows what to expect when a group of people get together for an extended time. We were extremely lucky - our group became like a big family traveling the world together. We all got along famously and became great friends.