Our actual track

22,188 Miles Around the World

This is our actual track all the way around the world. We flew 33 legs, beginning and ending our journey at the Morrisville Stowe Airport in Morrisville, Vermont, USA. We left a "breadcrumb" every 2 minutes on each leg. We landed in 25 different countries, experienced some of the most beautiful views on the planet, flew over active volcanoes, and met amazing people along the way. This was truly the trip of a lifetime and we're so thankful that we were able to do it.  

Garmin InReach

We tracked our progress using the Garmin InReach. This device has a GPS and a satellite communicator and is about the size of a walkie talkie or handheld radio. It has a long lasting battery and we had it connected to ship's power so it was always working. Every 2 minutes, it would upload a location data point to Garmin's cloud which was then mapped in near real time to the InReach map.