Departing the USA

We departed the USA from the Morrisville, Vermont airport. Needless to say, we were really psyched to start the journey! We thought the plane was packed full on the way out. Little did we know....

Arrival in Quebec City

Quebec City is only a 30 minute flight from home so our first international flight was pretty easy! We'd like to explore Quebec more so we're going back.

Quebec City - Wow!

This was the first "hotel experience" with Air Journey. The Chateau Frontenac was gorgeous. Air Journey does things right!

Our First Briefing

Each flight was preceded by an excellent briefing by Air Journey. This was our first briefing and our chance to meet (most of) our fellow travelers. 

Goose Bay

We landed here on our way to Greenland for fuel. This airport is filled with history, built in response to WWII. It's a common fuel stop for planes crossing the Atlantic Ocean. 

Crossing the Atlantic

Our first leg crossing the Atlantic took us from Goose Bay to Kangerlussuaq, Greenland. We had Danielle with us for the trans-Atlantic crossing.